BLUFIXX – a well-known name since the german TV Show “Höhle der Löwen”! 2016 Dinko Jurcevic thrilled the whole jury with his idea of the BLUFIXX LED-repair pen. He chose Carsten Maschmeyer as his partner, who has continued to successfully support Jurcevic since then.

The BLUFIXX concept was born in 2012: During his time as a dental technician, Dinko Jurcevic had discovered something important: the inventor and entrepreneur gene! With the ever-increasing experience in dental technology and the collaboration with dentists, an inspiring idea has been developed. If teeth can be repaired with a light-curing repair gel, why not many more objects? At this time he didn’t know yet the fundamental impact of this idea to his life.

The idea behind BLUFIXX is quite simple: We all have valuable items that are difficult to replace. Suddenly the precious piece is broken, has dents or even missing pieces.

What to do? Drop the favorite item? Repair it with high costs? Here is BLUFIXX to use! Finally, everyone can repair fast and professionally with LED light. The valuable object is instantly ready for use again!

This idea formed his company since 2012. Today BLUFIXX provides customers all over the world with innovative products Made in Germany!




Behind entrepreneur Dinko Jurcevic thee is a competent team which constantly develops the products and ensures its quality. The whole BLUFIXX team dedicates every day to develop the best solutions to his customers.

Dinko Jurcevic